B R I D A L * P A R T Y


First of all, many thanks to all of you for your patience and energy. Russ and I are so excited and we're both running around with our heads cut off getting both the house in Savannah ready for renters as well as getting ready for the wedding.

We are so excited you will be spending the weekend with us. Most of you are coming from out of town and we know that's rather stressful.

FLIGHTS: For those of you flying in, please send us your flight details as well as hotel information. Many of the guests will be arriving on Friday evening and Saturday morning. As part of the wedding party (if possible) we'd love for you to be here sometime Thursday or Friday afternoon (ideally latest). 

GROOMSMEN: Gregory Goeken (Russ's brother and his Best Man) will be contacting you for your sizes for the suit rentals. He will discuss the details. We are working with a tux place here in Savannah and the guys will have suits similar to the ones below but with blue ties. The shop will be providing everything so please get your measurements to him as soon as possible. If you haven't heard from him, please email me: anissaesigns@hotmail.com




Ann Taylor

BRIDESMAIDS: I know we've had quite a go with the Ann Taylor dresses, with sizing, styles and availability- we're almost there! I believe all five of you have decided on your dresses but only a few of you have received them. Kristin King (my Maid of Honor) will be contacting you to be sure everything is good to go. Please remember to wear strappy silver shoes that show your pretty toes. We will have a manicurist available (talk to Kristin) at our hotel the morning of the wedding if you should choose to purchase her services. In addition, please let Kristin know if you would like the stylist to do your hair. As far as accessories, Kristin and I are working on that. As it is Savannah, October 10th should be warm and comfortable so the dress should suffice. If you'd like to bring a silver, white, robin's egg blue or poppy colored button down sweater or wrap- please feel free.  I'd like to have hair accessories for you, but we'll be keeping the look quite minimal. I do have a pair of silver shoes, size 8. I can't remember if any of you can fit them- please let me know. 


Hi my lovely bridesmaids! We finally decided on a color and maker of dress that  I believe will be flattering to all of you.  Please go to Ann Taylor  and pick any style of dress in Aqua Garden.  There are several styles I think would be great and I can let you know what the other bridesmaids have picked.  Kristin ordered hers and the sizing runs *large*.  So, I honestly think several of you will want to order a ZERO. I'll be calling you all this afternoon to catch up.